While white is a classic, it’s not suited for every bride. As weddings change and expand to include all kinds of styles, many brides are choosing to turn to dresses that incorporate colour, that are bolder. If you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd, why not consider blue wedding dresses when out shopping for your big day?

Blue wedding dresses are both an imaginative and clever option. They can help a bride express her own style and enhance specific features on a dress like the train or the bust. Incorporating a blue wedding dress also means you’re covered for something new and something blue!

The colour blue symbolises serenity and stability, exactly the kind of energy you want to bring to your wedding. Stand out as you walk down the aisle in a whimsical sky blue, unique in an ombre blue palette or look sultry in a deep navy.  You can also find out how to incorporate blue into your overall colour scheme with B.LOVED’s Classic Blue – Pantone Colour of the Year.


To inspire you, we’ve found 40 gorgeous blue gowns that are sure to convince you that blue wedding dresses are the way to go.


A blue couture dress is for the bold. These stunning creations elevate your wedding dress from an item of clothing to a work of art. With interesting takes on bodice design to incorporating old Hollywood glamour, blue couture dresses express a refined level of taste. If you’re a bride with a love of fashion and don’t mind having all eyes on you for the entire night, then a couture blue wedding dress is exactly what you’re looking for.


If you’re wanting an ethereal feel for your wedding dress, nothing achieves this better than tulle. The fabric is comfortable to wear, especially if you’re wanting a really full skirt or train which won’t weigh you down. The perfect twirling material, tulle will bring those fairytale fantasies to life and picking the perfect shade of blue will bring dimension to this soft fabric. Spend this special day surrounded by a dress that looks like the softest clouds and is lighter than air.


Ombre dresses are a great choice for the bride who doesn’t want to fully commit to a full blue wedding dress. These layered hues allow a more subtle incorporation of blue into your big day. Appear as though you are walking out of the ocean as your skirt moves from deep blue to a pale tint at the bodice or have a dark blue dripping off your shoulders before settling into a light white at the end of your skirt. The ombre options are endless, so you will find the colour-mixing fade you absolutely love.


Modern dresses are mostly about the cut and featuring up-to-date silhouettes. These dresses can be enhanced by the addition of a striking blue hue. A key feature of a modern dress is that it doesn’t conform to a simple shape and colour combination. Rather, modern wedding dresses incorporate design elements like sheet cut-outs, glistening stone embellishments and separate pieces that are perfect ways to incorporate blues into your dress.


Deep blue gowns are for the bride who really wants to go against the grain. These dark, sultry tones add a touch of drama to your overall look and are the perfect choice for the bride who hates white. The deep blues are striking and offer a more mature take on the blue wedding dress trend. Whether you pick a sapphire stunner or a modern navy shape, deep blues compliment all skin tones and adapt well to all kinds of dress shapes.


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